About us

ELMY INTERIORS was founded in 1996.

At that time I worked as a product manager for a tour operator in South east Asia and needed to explore Myanmar. I brought back some rattan under plates which are nowadays still very much on trend!

Mid 90s there seemed to be a big demand in Europe for these outstanding rattan handwoven accessories and furniture and I decided to go back to Myanmar to do research in getting a better understanding of the market and found myself a fantastic local partner. ELMY INTERIORS was born and a success from the beginning.

As you can imagine running a factory in Myanmar has been very challenging over all those years.

Circumstances have been much different than neighboring countries with much more democratic regimes. There were no banking facilities, always limited power supplies, a huge bureaucracy, import bans for almost everything. Well… the list is very long. We really had to fight against the stream but we never gave up on this.

Since 2012 democracy has set it steps. All sanctions have been lifted. From the early beginning we kept working on our designs and production process. The skilled an precise weaving combined with good quality rattan and bamboo makes the product look beautiful. It is pure craftsmanship. We have a capacity of shipping out over 100 containers a year.

We are very much looking forward in doing business with you and your support will be highly appreciated.

Ellen Brouwer


Part of the QC team

As you can see we export to about 25 countries

Spread out from England to Australia.  Our customers are wholesalers, retail chains, hotel chains, and international brands. We do customize as well. There is about 150 people working in our factory in Yangon. Besides this we have 3 surrounded adopted villages in the rural communities in the south of Myanmar were our handicrafts items are made.

Exhibitions 2021

IFEX Jakarta INDONESIE is postponed until further notice
AMBIENTE Frankfurt is postponed until further notice

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