Rattan is having a moment. A big reveal since years. It is a plant from the palm family which explains its effortless chic. Each tendril can grow up to 200 meter in length, but maintains the same diameter throughout its lengths. It is solid all the way, through unlike bamboo which is hollow, making it one of nature’s strongest materials. It is super bendy and won’t splinter or break. It grows very quickly all year around and it is harvested without harming the tree. It grows back very enthusiastically ones harvested. So an A for sustainability.

Bamboo is very fast growing plant. Certain species can grow 90cm in 24 hours. Bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood brick or concrete. Mind you: The tensile strength rivals steel! The harvesting has to be done within every 3-5 years before the wet season and when the culms reach their greatest strength and when the sugar levels in the sap is at its lowest otherwise a pest infestation can occur. The splitted bamboo is used in all our decoration items.

Leather: We work with genuine local leather. Available in 4 colors.

Glass: Our glass is imported and in accordance with our export standards, thick clear glass with bottom.

Colors & finishes

We have 6 classic colors: white, white wash, grey wash, natural, antique and black. And 6 pastels. In total 12 finishes.

Mass production & QC

We produce in volume. In total we carry over 200 items. Our quality control team checks each incoming item and make it export proof. They sandpaper and fumigate each single piece. Sometimes small repairs are done. Our quality control team checks every single item to make it export proof. They sandpaper and fumigate each piece, sometimes small repairs are done. With our humidity meters we check the maximum allowed humidity.

Labelling, packaging, transport & shipping

Upon customers request we do labeling barcoding and printing. Whatever is needed to contribute to your good sales. Most items are packed in 3- ply carton boxes. Furniture pieces are wrapped in carton paper. We also have 5-ply shippable export carton, used for mail order customers. We sell FOB, meaning shipping costs are for the buyer. We work with your appointed forwarder. Our factory is based one hour from Yangon.

Ordering & production

A quotation will follow within 2 working days.

The production of a container order: 20ft 40ft 40fthc varies between 10 and 12 weeks, depending on the season. During the dry season November-May it will take about 10 weeks. We only ship full containers. Our tolerance per order can be maximum 5% in quantity per shipment.

The minimum order value need to reach USD 14.000,-  FOB Yangon. We work with minimum numbers per item and color and do customize collections as well and are easy to work with and flexible!



Payment conditions & bankdetails

We require 30% deposit and the remaining balance of 70% needs to be paid upon our copies of documents.

  • Bill of loading
  • Packing list
  • Fumigation certificate
  • Invoice
  • CO / Form AANZ / REX / Form AK / Form E

You will receive these by mail once the container is just at sea. After having received your full payment we will send you all original documents by DHL.

Our VAT number is: NL817544719B01 ELMY INTERIORS BV is registered under no.: 30218434 of the chamber of commerce in Utrecht (the Netherlands).

Our bank details are the following:


RABOBANK, The Netherlands

ACCOUNT NR: 138663610

IBAN: NL96RABO0138663610